Maestro: the all in one number

Mobile, car, home and office numbers, fax lines, e-mail addresses for home and work – changes in communication technology have led to more ways of getting in touch than are convenient to remember. Maestro is the perfect way to get all these together under a single number.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business or a corporation, chances are you usually find yourself juggling between the phone and computer. Maestro provides you the call management capabilities of a virtual assistant, irrespective of your location. So instead of listing all your numbers and email addresses, people can just connect to this one number, the most important feature of Maestro.

Maestro, a Virtual Assistant – Discover the world with Virtuosity’s Maestro.

Call whispering, is when Maestro whispers the caller’s name in your ear, providing you the option to answer the call or let it go to your voice mail.  This is also useful if you need to screen who is calling, before switching calls, especially if you are on another equally important call.

The Maestro Corporate Receptionist lets you set up to 9 front-end greetings to add a personal touch to your calls.  Also, Maestro can differentiate between a voice tone and a fax tone and offers options like fax forwarding and 150 fax storage.  Your voice mail on the Maestro can be accessed through the telephone, e-mail or Web.  The rewind function is an added convenience. No matter where you are, stay connected with Maestro.

Maestro’s unique follow me feature keeps you connected everywhere, all the time.  You can create a schedule of where and how you will be accessible and at what time and opt for your calls to be forwarded there; or else you can opt to have Maestro blast your calls to 4 locations.  Maestro is your expert virtual assistant who screens, routes, whispers and finds you wherever, whenever, at your discretion, or not at all.

The best part is Maestro serves as your one universal number.  And activating the call blast feature means that all your connections linked to it will ring simultaneously until you pick up one.  This also helps you keep your location private.  Your call simply comes to you, wherever you are.

Maestro lets you create and store up to 200 reminders over the phone or on the web.  Receive notifications of upcoming events and scheduled reminders via e-mail, phone or SMS.

Maestro is your virtual assistant who bonds all your connections, and gives you connectivity at your time, your location, and your discretion.  Truly a Maestro!