How do I make conference calls?


Imagine the Possibilities.

With Maestro, you can have 32 lines of call conferencing. It is very simple to set up a conference ‘on the fly’, over the telephone or on the Web.

Conferencing via Maestro Web Interface

You can schedule conferences or send out invitations to conferences and manage them by creating your conferencing web page. You can also join a conference using a Participant Code.

Conference on-the-fly

This amazing feature lets you add participants to your conference without disconnecting your current call. While you are on the first call, press on the ‘#’ key two times in quick succession. Maestro prompts the options and you respond by saying ‘Make a conference call.’ Again, Maestro will prompt you to add the call. The moment one party is connected the remaining parties will also be connected. Any party can quit, while the others continue.