Is this expensive?


Imagine the Possibilities.

Just like cellular service plans, Maestro provides a range of plans pertinent to the varying usage levels of customers.

If you want to determine whether a Maestro virtual assistant is worthy, for the money, you spend and value of features, you must study the state of affairs in your business. From our users’ response, we have learnt that those who use a phone for two or more hours a day can save 30 minutes or more each day if they have a virtual assistant. Just think how you can utilize an additional 12 hours each month!

Undeniably, it may seem costlier to have a virtual assistant when compared to other options that are just voicemail or call forwarding. Maybe your business style is seldom facing a loss or other issues using phones, and then you probably don’t require a virtual assistant’s service.

But, if you have faced problems like repeated disappointments from wastage of time on phones, or have had to spend hours on voice mails, as you can’t afford additional staff*, then the right solution is to seek the services of a capable virtual assistant. Cost-wise, a virtual assistant is more feasible when compared to hiring a human assistant, as its price is a fraction of a human assistant’s salary. Further, a virtual assistant works continuously, no vacations, weekends off, holidays, illness, etc, just 24/7 of continuous service.

*The annual cost of appointing a full-time human assistant is at least $28,000, with regards to the minimum wage, health reimbursements, workers’ compensation coverage, taxing on payroll and other costs; and that too only if you can hire a reliable and capable assistant who agrees to work for minimum wages.