Advanced Features


A virtual assistant allows for special moments

Just a few additional features of Maestro.

Call Blast feature is useful when you want Maestro to reach you by calling various numbers; it will ‘call blast’ by ringing four of your numbers simultaneously, such as office, home, mobile and cellular.  The security at each location may differ, once you answer, ringing on the other numbers stops.

Call Screening or Call Announce requests the incoming caller’s name before connecting to you. Maestro calls you and informs you of name of the party calling you.  You decide to take the call or send to voicemail.

Call Whisper or Call Announce is a feature that announces the caller’s name to you, so that you can choose whether to take a call when you are on another Maestro call or send it to voice mail.

Call Answer rules give flexible options to answer incoming calls; for instance a contact, time of the day, or numbers that you don’t want to accept, etc.  Call answer rules integrated with nine customized greetings provides flexibility.

Call transferring allows you to transfer your current call to another location; for instance, you are on a Maestro call at the office, you can transfer the call to your mobile phone and continue the conversation.

Call Privacy  is extremely important these days as we become more mobile.  Inbound callers do not know your location as Maestro reaches out to you with a call.  When you make a call through Maestro the Caller ID reflects your Maestro number and not your current location.