Privacy Policy


Internet users around the world are aware about spam, virus threats and cookies that interfere with their privacy, including personal details and browsing habits, available to individuals or organizations that have questionable motives.

In fact, it is evident from surveys that many website visitors make it a point to go through the Privacy Policy Statement before trying to navigate to other pages of the website. Without this initial step, rarely does the user bookmark the site for recurring visits.

Virtuosity is earnest and resolute with regard to Privacy Policy.

We have no intention to sell, give away, offer or lend our visitors’ mailing list to others or even permit others to view them. Whatever information you enter on our website we retain with confidentiality and do not sell it or give it to third parties.

Our website does not permit pop up advertisements or cookies, though our server software monitors technical data, in order to enhance our website, so that it complies with different kinds of browsers and computer systems. Nevertheless, the data collected does not pertain to any particular website visitor. We use the information for modifying our website, in order to attain more efficiency, so that its functionality is effectual for each visitor.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service.