Start-up Company


The ground floor of a start-up company.

Maestro is ideal for a start-up company, which is trying to create the impression of a Fortune 500 company, yet at economical price.

Brick and mortar offices are no longer required; offices based at home or on the road, are more common in today’s standards; investing in an
expensive phone system is outdated.

Voice activation, call screening, scheduled reminders, conferencing, and faxing are just a few features how Maestro provides a professional image every startup company requires.

Start-up companies seem to require 16 – 18 hour days, time is money; conferencing ‘on-the-fly’, setting up a weekly conference meeting with clients and/or have an impromptu conference call is just a voice command or touch of a few key strokes away to assist in increasing your productivity.

Voice activated, hands-free functionality assists in quickly returning calls, listening to messages, forwarding faxes, and sending messages efficiently.

Privacy is important, your clients, vendors, and contacts don’t need to know if you slipped away for a couple of hours of R&R.  Maestro can take messages during your retreat or if you need to call a client, your Caller ID is your Maestro number, not the location from where you are calling.